Big-Hearted Surfers Make Elderly Man’s Surfing Dream Come True

Some young surfers learned that a simple act for one person can make a profound difference to someone else when they helped an elderly man suffering from dementia get back onto a board.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Ryan Giancola shared a video of the moment, which took place on his birthday, and called it an “amazing experience” saying:

“Yesterday an elderly lady came up to us at the beach and asked if we could help fulfill her husbands wish to ride a wave one last time. She said that he is suffering from dementia and most likely has a year to live. What and amazing experience and on my birthday none the less!”

In the video the group of young men can be seen supporting the older gentleman and helping him catch a wave on a boogie board while cheering him on.

Even from a distance you can see a big smile on the man’s face.

The normally cold, cynical denizens of the internet were touched by the simple act of kindness.



Written by Stefan

Writer and middle school limbo champ.