Thieves Stole All The Charity Money From A Girl’s Lemonade Stand So The Neighborhood Rallied To Help


In Naperville, Illinois, a girl set up a charity lemonade stand, but her cash was stolen by teenagers in a grab-and dash-robbery, reports CNN. While I can feel your blood boiling from over here, stick with us, because this has a wholesome ending.

Alizay Kashif, 11, and her sister Emaan Kashif, were raising money for Feeding America with her refreshing homemade lemonade. She had raised nine dollars in sales, and collected the cash in a basket when thieves pilfered the money and drove away.

Kashif’s dad stepped in, and wrote a post on the residential forum Nextdoor. Her neighborhood quickly jumped in action to support her and her noble lemonade stand.

Neighbor Ben Hutchison offered up his street corner for the Kashif to use, since it was more heavily-trafficked area. “They had a quiet area, not very visible. So I offered them my busy street corner,” he told CNN. Hutchison was happy to be of assistance, explaining that as a former reporter, “I often saw people in bad times, and I couldn’t help them.”

Then, neighborhood police swooped in to keep would-be robbers away from their stand, and dropped a little extra money in the basket.

“The police took it to the next level,” said Hutchison, and the officers donated $170 to the girls’ cause. In total, the Kashif sisters were able to raise $350 for Feeding America, truly making charity lemonade out of lemons.


Folks on Twitter lauded the friendly neighborhood police, as well as the tenacity of the girls, who wouldn’t let some jerk teens distract them from their mission.

Meagan Fredette

Written by Meagan Fredette