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Incredible Video Shows Man Climbing Burning Building To Save Family

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A fire in a 19-story West Philadelphia high rise on Thursday sparked a daring and heroic scene when a man was filmed climbing down the outside of the building during the blaze.

The video shows the unidentified man calmly working his way down the exterior of the building floor by floor despite the danger.

When he makes it off the final piece of scaffolding he’s met by first responders below who were likely more than a little bit impressed.

However, according to ABC 6, who spoke with neighbors, the man wasn’t escaping but was trying to reach his family on the 15th floor which would help explain his death-defying maneuver.

“He was told his mother was still upstairs.

When he wasn’t granted access, Action News is told he decided to climb the side of the building to the 15th floor, perhaps not realizing he couldn’t get through the fenced balconies.

Then residents said he turned back around and climbed down.”

Luckily no one is reported to have been injured in the blaze.

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