Red Sox Fans Had An Extra Ticket So They Invited A Homeless Man To The Game

Pedro Lugo via CNN

The Red Sox are a religion in Boston so for Bostonians going to see them play at Fenway Park is like going to church. A few young men who attended a recent Sox game saw a chance to share that experience with someone less fortunate than themselves and they took it.

Friends Pedro Lugo, Sean Wetzonis, and Francisco Rios were all set to watch the Red Sox take on the Toronto Blue Jays when a fourth friend canceled and they found themselves with an extra ticket to the game. It was Lugo who had the idea to use the spare ticket to make someone’s day who was down on his luck.

“I wanted to take someone who would appreciate the ticket and have the time of their lives,” Lugo told CNN.

So on their way into Fenway the friends approached a homeless man named John and offered him the ticket. His response, according to CNN?

“Hell yeah, let’s go.”

The young men told CNN that they and John had a good time and that they bought him a beer. Before he left John thanked them and they took a photo together.

While it was a simple gesture Wetzonis told CNN that he hoped that it had at least helped John take his mind off his problems for a while, saying:

“Maybe [the game] helped alleviate the stressors that come with being homeless for the few hours at the game.”

Pedro Lugo via CNN

h/t: CNN

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