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Incredible Kids

Only One Person RSVP’d To Boy With Autism’s Birthday Party, So The Whole Football Team Showed Up

Christian Larsen, an elementary schooler from Meridian, Idaho, was turning nine and what he wanted most was a big party.

But sadly Christian, who has autism, seemed poised for disappointment when only one person RSVP’d to the invitations his mother Lindsay sent out. When the invites failed to get a response Lindsay wrote an emotional Facebook post explaining the struggles her son has had making friends due to his autism and about her desire to give him the big birthday bash he’d been begging her for years.

In response one of Lindsay’s friends shared the invitation with Dan Holtry who coaches a neighboring high school football team.

According to Holtry, who spoke to CNN, the players response to Christian’s invite was simple:

“Coach, we’re in. We’re going.”

With that the Nampa High School football team arrived at Christian’s birthday en masse, wearing their jerseys and chanting “Christian! Christian! Christian!” while the birthday boy stood stunned with his mouth agape before collapsing in a happy heap in the grass.

The older boys showing up for his birthday in their football jerseys seems to have meant the world to the young boy who gave them all high fives while jumping up and down. The players stayed for the party, playing games with the younger children, and even presenting Christian with a team jersey and a football.

In a follow-up Facebook post Christian’s mother called the players’ kind gesture “truly amazing” and said “There is so much good in this world, and when things are hard, the good shines even brighter.”

Today was a day with all of the feelings. I can't thank the people enough, who helped it all come together. I had a…

Posted by Lindsay Barrus Larsen on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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