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GPS Genius Proposes To Girlfriend By Drawing ‘Marry Me’ On Their Bike Ride

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Thao Nguyen was confused and slightly annoyed when her boyfriend Jon Blaze took her on a long and winding bike ride through Houston, TX this spring, but the surprise at the end wound up being well worth it.

Brilliantly co-opting modern technology for romantic purposes, Blaze planned the 15-mile ride so that it would perfectly spell out the message “MARRY ME” in the couple’s GPS tracking app.

Nguyen and Blaze are avid cyclists and Blaze told ABC 11 News he wanted to match his proposal to their passion.

All of those sudden turns down seemingly-random dead ends, all of those seemingly pointless circles all contributed to creating the surprise proposal.

“I went from being so annoyed by all the crazy turns we did to being completely shocked and with the biggest smile on my face,” Nguyen told ABC 11 News.

Blaze posted his crafty ploy on Reddit where over 8,000 people agreed that he’d pretty much nailed it.

h/t: ABC 11


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