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Video Of YouTuber With Cerebral Palsy Learning To Swim Goes Viral

damion gross swimming video

For many kids, learning to swim is a rite of passage. Summer swim classes at the pool are a chance to make friends while learning a life-saving skill. But for some folks with disabilities, swimming can be difficultif not impossible. One teen is going viral for conquering his fear of the water. YouTuber and disability activist Damion Gross, who has cerebral palsy, shared a video of his swim journey, which he says began in 2010.

“Hey guys, I’m going swimming for the first time,” said Gross. “Remember, since 2010, I’ve been trying to swim? So I’m going to do it for you guys today.” Using the inner tube for balance, Gross floats onto his stomach and shows off his forward stroke, kicking his legs behind him. He flashes a giant smile at the camera, claps, and says, “I did it! I’m so happy!” All of us are happy for you too, Damion.

Cerebral palsy is a motor disability, which can “affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture,” according to the Center for Disease Control. People with CP can have a wide range of motor difficulties, ranging from mild to severe symptoms. The most common form of CP is called spastic cerebral palsy, which causes the muscles to stiffen; limbs are usually the most affected.

The internet cheered on Gross’ achievement, with many other disabled folks sharing equally inspiring stories of overcoming difficulties. CNN anchor Jake Tapper even sent Gross his sincerest congrats. Get ready for it to rain on your face.

Meagan Fredette

Written by Meagan Fredette