John Legend Surprises Dayton Victims’ Families With Concert, Makes Passionate Plea To End Gun Violence

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As gun violence and mass shootings dominate the headlines, singer John Legend demanded action in a rousing speech in Dayton, Oh on Sunday.

Legend, an Ohio native, spoke in the wake of a series of shootings from El Paso, Texas to Dayton, Ohio, where he met with the relatives of survivors of the recent attack that killed 10 people and wounded 27 others.

In his remarks Legend said, “we’ve gotten too used to this” and demanded change, saying:

“Giving up is really not an option. We have to be able to live without the fear of getting shot. We have to come together to make sure that we do something about it. We don’t have to live like this.”

In his speech Legend also called out politicians for “sending their thoughts and prayers while failing to act” adding “we’re done with that.”

The singer went on to decry the normalization of active shooter drills and a feeling of fear in public places that should be safe for everyone.

“We’re tired of bigotry and hate turning lethal because of easy access to guns,” said Legend. “We can do better and we will do better.”

Legend also played a surprise concert for survivors and the relatives of those killed in the attack.

In the description of a photo of the concert on Instagram Legend wrote:

“I just played a few songs to try to help bring comfort to some of the survivors of last week’s tragedy in Dayton. My heart breaks for everyone who lost someone. I love how everyone rallies around one another during their time of grief. But our nation should not keep putting ourselves through these preventable traumas. Let’s fix it together.”

h/t: HuffPost


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