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Woman Abandoned In Dumpster As A Baby Wants To Find The Person Who Saved Her Life 36 Years Ago

While the idea of abandoning your newborn baby in a dumpster is virtually unthinkable for most parents, the sad truth is that it does happen and when it does, the story rarely has a happy ending. Vulnerable infants either freeze, starve, or simply die of neglect. It’s incredibly sad, especially since these situations are entirely unavoidable.

Thankfully, 36-year-old Amanda Jo Jones met a different fate all those years ago. She was wrapped in a blanket and left in a dumpster next to the Prado Business Mall in Atlanta, Georgia back in January 1983, but she was found and rescued by a good samaritan.

After spending some time in foster care, she was eventually adopted by a loving family that she still has today. Now, she’s ready to find the person (or people) responsible for saving her life more than three decades ago.

As Jones explained to Yahoo Lifestyle, “I want to thank whoever found me because they changed so many lives by being in the right place at the right time.”

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much to go on. All she knows about her early life is what she read in newspaper articles and what she’s been told by her 68-year-old parents Kay and Wayne, who adopted her when she was only three months old. Even their details are limited.

Jones says her parents were always open with her and her sister Stephanie about being adopted. “My mom read me a book called The Adopted Family and she shared bits of information. I kept asking questions and by the time I was 6, I understood that my mom didn’t birth me,” she recalled.

Georgia adoption records are sealed, meaning the info available to Jones about her birth are pretty limited, and petitioning the court system to unseal the files is a lengthy and difficult process. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, all Jones does know is that nurses at Northside Hospital, where she was brought after being found in the dumpster, named her “Jan Winter” after the month and season. The family who fostered her until three months of age named her Crystal Alicia Fairchild, but she was renamed Amanda Jo after being adopted by Wayne and Kay.

While Jones has managed to identify her birth parents as well as several other biological family members, she admits that finding them hasn’t given her the sense of completion she feels she would get from locating the person responsible for bringing her to Northside Hospital all those years ago. This has taken on even more importance as Jones is now a mom herself.

“I still forgive them and hope someday that they reach out to me and heal from all the secrets and pain,” she says. “I cannot imagine how carrying a 36-year-old big secret affects someone mentally and physically.”

In the meantime, she encourages anyone who might have any information on the person or people who found her in that Georgia dumpster to contact her at [email protected]

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