91-Year-Old Diner Patron Had No One To Talk To, So His Server Ate With Him On His Break And His Gesture Went Viral

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One of the saddest things many of us can imagine is growing old alone. Even if you’re married with children, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by loved ones in your later years, and many elderly people spend much of their time on their own with no one to talk to or to keep them company. However, when kind-hearted server Dylan Tetil, who works at Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania restaurant Eat’n Park, noticed an older man dining alone this week, he decided to step in.

Dylan Tetil took his serving duties to a whole new level when an elderly man came to dine at Eat’n Park.

Lisa Meilander relayed her experience at Eat’n Park on her Facebook page this week after being overwhelmed by witnessing Tetil’s kindness and patience with the elderly man when she was dining at the restaurant with her family. Her post has been shared on Facebook over 68,000 times, with over 100,000 likes.

“The elderly gentleman was seated in the booth directly across from my family as we ate dinner Saturday night at Eat’n Park in Belle Vernon. We really didn’t see him come in. But we did notice when our server, Dylan, dropped to one knee to look him eye-to-eye as he got ready to take his order,” she recalled.

“The man apologized for not hearing too well. He had forgotten to put in his hearing aids. He talked about how he lost his hearing during his time in the war. He was 91 years old with many stories to tell. Dylan patiently listened giving him his full attention.”

Meilander wasn’t the only one touched by what she witnessed.

After hearing the man apologizing for talking so much and explaining that he doesn’t often have anyone to converse with, Tetil assured the customer that he was happy to listen and even helped him pick out a meal from the menu.

It was then that Meilander decided that she wanted to pay for the man’s meal. However, when she inquired about doing so, she was informed by Tetil that someone else had already picked up the check! It seems like everyone was moved by seeing the interaction between the elderly man and the young server.

Tetil even spent his break with the elderly customer.

According to Meilander, Tetil returned to the older man’s table to inform him that he was on his break and to ask if the man would mind if Tetil sat with him to chat for a while. Meilander was pleased to see that they were still talking when she and her family left the restaurant, leaving her (and everyone reading, no doubt) a warm and fuzzy feeling that won’t fade anytime soon.

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Written by Jennifer Still