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Meek Mill Renovates Philadelphia Basketball Court For Local Kids

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Celebrities are in a unique position to make a difference in the world. Their combination of wealth and influence within society means they can and should be doing all they can to make a positive impact. Rapper Meek Mill did just that this week when he unveiled a newly renovated basketball court in his home city of Philadelphia this week.

Mill headed back to Philly on Saturday to reopen the renovated court in East Fairmount Park, which he worked with several different organizations to get back up and running. PUMA, Roc Nation, the Philadelphia Parks & Rec Department and other local agencies all chipped in and they did an amazing job.

The project was first announced back in October 2018 and has been a long time coming. Fixing up the court in his old stomping grounds was a cause close to his heart, with Mill telling TMZ, “North Philly will always be home. When kids go to East Fairmount Park, they deserve to ball in the best conditions possible, so I’m glad they’ll have that opportunity now.”

Mill hoped that in getting the court operational again, local kids and other area residents could enjoy the space again. The court’s blacktop is now painted blue and features a “Dream Chasers” logo, after his mixtape of the same name. He even got in on a few games himself and was photographed joining in on the fun with the locals.

This is only the latest in Mill’s public service gestures since he left prison last year. He’s also been making some serious strides in fighting the criminal justice system and just generally seems like a really kind-hearted guy. With the news constantly being full of negativity, it’s nice when the positive stuff crops up. We can certainly use more of that in the world, right?

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