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Hundreds Of ‘Ballet Boys’ Flood Times Square After News Anchor Mocks Boys Who Dance

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Lara Spencer, a news anchor on Good Morning America, caused an uproar last week when she laughed and joked about the U.K.’s  six-year-old Prince George taking a ballet class, saying sarcastically “I have news for you Prince William, we’ll see how long that lasts.”

Needless to say people weren’t pleased with Spencer’s dismissiveness and apparent shaming of boys who dance and they weren’t shy about saying so.

The response was swift and well choreographed.

Rallying under the hashtag #BoysDanceToo, hundreds of male ballet dancers of all ages took over New York City’s Times Square on Monday to show off their skills and to send the positive message that dance is for everyone.

Spencer apologized on the air, saying she “screwed up” and calling her comment “insensitive” and “stupid.” She also did an interview with three male dancers to learn more about the challenges they’ve faced as dancers in a world where people still hold outdated stereotypes about gender roles.

Many of Spencer’s critics thanked her for her apology a welcomed the necessary conversation the incident had sparked…not to mention the dancing.

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