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To Celebrate The Two-Year Anniversary Of ‘Tank’s Good News’ Here Are 20 Of Our Best Stories

Tank’s Good News is officially two years old! To celebrate the anniversary, we’ve put together some of our most popular and most uplifting stories. We’ve enjoyed bringing you positive news over the past couple years, and we hope we’ve inspired you, raised you up, and put a smile on your face. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

20. Scientists managed to coax coral into spawning in an artificial environment for the first time


By manipulating light intensity and temperature in their tanks, scientists tricked coral to release their sex cells and breed in captivity for the first time. Hailed as a “massive breakthrough” they hope this will help them save coral reefs that are dying out due to global climate change.

19. A blind golden retriever got his very own seeing-eye puppy


Charlie, a Golden Retriever who had both eyes removed due to glaucoma complications, got a new younger buddy named Maverick. The two became inseparable and Maverick even takes Charlie out for walks.


18. LEGO created braille bricks to help visually impaired children learn to read


Kids love playing with LEGOs as much as adults hate stepping on them, and the same is true of kids who have visual impairments. To help these kids learn how to read, LEGO created a line of braille bricks for several different languages. The specialized toys are currently being tested in classrooms across the globe.

17. Pixar, Tank Sinatra, And Kristen Bell helped bring Toy Story 4 to a girl with cancer

Nora Leonard, a 17-year-old Chicago girl who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, loves the Toy Story movies and didn’t want to miss the latest installments when it hit theaters earlier this year. Complications of her illness prevented Nora from going to a theater, so Tank Sinatra, Kristen Bell, and Pixar worked with Nora’s father Kelly to make sure she got a special screening of the movie right in her hospital room.

Actor Tony Hale (AKA Forky from the film) even recorded a video in support of Nora:

Forky and Tony Hale are #TeamNora! Thanks to Colleen and Ana for making this happen.

Posted by Kelly Leonard on Thursday, June 27, 2019


16. Heroic brothers dove into the ocean to save a 6-year-old girl from drowning


Brothers Declan, Eoghan, and Walter Butler and their brother-in-law Alex Thomson took a trip to a beach near Dublin, Ireland when they heard cries for help. It was a little girl stranded on a pink flamingo raft drifting almost half a mile from the shore. The four sprang into action, swimming for almost half an hour until they reached the girl and brought her back to safety.

15. One son’s viral tweet about his ‘sad’ dad’s new donut shop sent sales skyrocketing


‘My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop,’ Billy By wrote on Twitter, including photos of his dad’s colorful yet empty donut shop, which had just had its grand opening.

The image of his father waiting eagerly behind the counter to serve donuts caught fire on Twitter and soon the customers started flooding in.

They soon sold out of donuts and kolaches.


14. A police officer threw a surprise party for a bullied boy after no one showed up on his birthday


We want to introduce you to a special birthday boy, 9 year old Thomas Daniel! Recently, Ofc. Lynema saw a little boy…

Posted by Grand Rapids Police Department on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Officer Lynema of the Grand Rapids Police Department met 9-year-old Thomas Daniel when he noticed the child chasing after the school bus in tears. He didn’t want to miss school and his mother didn’t have a car so the officer offered him a ride. Thomas told Lynema it was his birthday and that he got bullied at school and he was worried no one would show up even though he invited everyone. Thomas was right, but Lynema made sure he was there to make his birthday special.

13. A heroic young man rushed into a house fire to save his 8-year-old niece’s life


20-year-old Derrick Byrd rushed into a burning house to save his 8-year-old niece from a deadly fire. He suffered severe burns on much of his body, but he says he would do the whole thing again.

“I cant say a hero. I’d just say I care for my niece and nephews. I wasn’t going to let them die,” he said. “I’d do it again. I really would. I don’t care. I really would. I’d run back in there and do it again, even if I got worse or died.”

12. A supermarket keeps retraining an employee with dementia so she doesn’t have to stop working


Dorothy Salmon was diagnosed with early-onset dementia in her 50s and the illness started affecting her memory and job performance at the Sainsbury’s supermarket where she worked in London. Rather than letting Mrs. Salmon go, the store offered her a continual retraining regimen and moved her to other tasks when the ones she was doing became too difficult.

11. Man rescues drowning baby deer from a lake and reunites the fawn with its mother


A man named Kenny Croyle was out on a boat on California’s Folsom Lake when he was alerted to a baby deer struggling in the water. He dove in to save it, brought it on board, and then took the deer to shore where it joined its mother and sibling, scampering safely back into the forest.

10. Walmart employee bravely led 150 people to safety during El Paso’s mass shooting


Gilbert Serna, a 37-year-old Walmart employee, is being called a hero after helping people escape during El Paso’s mass shooting. “I’ve been trained the customers come first, so I needed to get them to safety,” he said. Serna escorted 150 Walmart customers to shipping containers where they could safely hide during the mayhem.

9. Home Depot employees built a custom walker to help a 2-year-old get around more easily


2-year-old Logan Moore suffers from hypotonia which restricts his mobility. Thankfully, the crew at a local Home Depot saw Logan’s challenges as a challenge of their own and built the child a custom walker with wheels so he can get around.

So today a lady and her mother and husband came in telling us that the insurance company may or may not pay for their…

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

“I couldn’t believe they were willing to do that. It took everything I had not to cry because it hasn’t been an easy road for my son. He has had a hard time doing things that would be easy for most children his age,” Logan’s father said.

8. A 65-year-old Muslim man thwarted a mosque gunman, sitting on him until police arrive and saving lives


Mohamed Rafiq sprang into action when a gunman burst into worship service at a mosque in Norway. He took the 21-year-old man’s gun and, along with other worshippers, held him down until the authorities arrived. “I’m thankful for all of the help and support I have received,” Rafiq said after the incident.

7. Lady Gaga bought school supplies for 162 classrooms in El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy after mass shootings

After the spate of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and Gilroy, California this summer, Lady Gaga stepped up to buy supplies for underfunded schools that were in need

“My heart goes out to those who were taken from us too soon and to their families, loved ones, and communities who are left to grieve,” she said. “In this moment, I want to channel my confusion, frustration, and fury into hope. Hope that we are there for each other and for ourselves.” She supplied 162 classrooms in total.

6. Thanks to a Disney princess, an entire school learned sign language so their first deaf classmate felt welcome


6-year-old Morey Belanger was the first deaf student at Dayton Consolidated School in Dayton, Maine. To make sure she felt like she was just as welcome as everyone else, the entire school learned sign language to greet her. Their teacher? None other than Cinderella herself.

5. Actor and certified badass Danny Trejo rescued a special needs child from a car crash

Actor Danny Trejo (of Grindhouse fame) didn’t waste any time when he saw a child trapped in the wreckage after a car accident. He cleared away debris, soothed the special needs boy, and freed him from his car seat.

“He was panicked. I said OK, we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed ‘superpowers’ and we started yelling ‘superpowers.’ I said ‘do this, with the muscles.’ He said ‘muscles.’ We got kind of a bond. I kept facing him away from the accident,” Trejo said.

4. A generous 9-year-old saved his allowance and used it to pay off his entire class’s school lunch debt


9-year-old Ryan Kirkpatrick scrimped and saved his weekly allowance and then decided to pay it forward. The boy used his savings to pay off the lunch debt for hi entire class, almost $75.

“I want them to realize people actually think about them because you’re not just bragging about stuff. I want them to feel happy someone cares about them,” he said.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio donated $5 million to help save the Amazon Rainforest

Oscar-winning actor and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio announced that his foundation is pledging $5 million to fight the devastating fires plaguing the Amazon Rainforest, which he called a “tragedy.” The forests produce around a fifth of the oxygen on earth and have been our planet’s “lungs.”



Folks, this is Tiernan McCready. This is what a hero looks like. Last week in the Bogside he saw three males grab an…

Posted by PSNI Foyle on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tiernan McCready, a young Irish boy, saw three men grabbing an 18-year-old woman and trying to force her into a van. McCready started yelling at the men and telling them to stop and called for his mother to contact the police. He managed to thwart their efforts and the police awarded him with a Badge of Honour for his heroism.

1. Thousands turned out for the funeral of an El Paso man’s wife after she was killed in the recent mass shooting


Antonio Basco lost his wife and only family to the gunman in El Paso and, because he had no one else to invite, he invited everyone.

“Mr. Antonio Basco was Married for 22yrs to his wife Margie Reckard, He had no other family. He welcomes anyone to attend his Wife’s services,” read the invitation.

Thousands turned out to show their support and others sent flowers and donated money.

When the car he had been sleeping in to hold vigil after his wife’s death was stolen, the community stepped up then, too, giving him a new one.

Thank you, Tank’s Good News readers, for two great years! Here’s to many more…

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