A Porn Site Just Bought—And Burned—A Database Doxxing Sex Workers To Protect Their Identities

The porn site BangBros just released a new video that’s very different from their usual brand.

Normally, they release pornographic videos that are more focused on pleasure than political statements. But, BangBros recently released a video that is much more suitable to be viewed in public. It also carries an important message behind it.

BangBros video

BangBros recently purchased PornWikiLeaks, a website dedicated to doxxing adult entertainment stars by sharing their personal information. According to Mashable, PornWikiLeaks had the names, addresses, and/or phone numbers of over 15,000 members of the adult entertainment industry. Well, the site had all that info until BangBros came along.

After purchasing PornWikiLeaks, BangBros wiped the site of all its data and lit the data drives on fire.

BangBros released a video of the data drive bonfire, and it’s perhaps the only video from the site that is totally safe for work.

BangBros elaborated on their plans with a statement on the PornWikiLeaks website. Part of the statement reads:

“BangBros had enough. We have purchased this site with the intention of shutting it down and removing all information associated with it. There’s no catch. No hidden thing to getting your personal stuff off of it. We simply didn’t want it out there for the world to see anymore.”

“Yes, it’s that easy. While shutting this site down doesn’t purge the internet of all possible ties to real names and what not, it does make it one less place to harbor and find these things easily. A forum that had 300,000 posts on it, most of them negative and hate-filled, has now disappeared.”

People on Twitter are applauding BangBros for protecting their workers’ right to privacy.

No matter what industry people work in, they deserve to be protected from harassment. So good for BangBros for protecting adult entertainment workers.

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Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey