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Bill Hader Made an Inspiring Video About How He Deals With Anxiety

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You never know what somebody’s going through underneath the surface. Even the funniest, happiest people can deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The Child Mind Institute is releasing the #MyYoungerSelf video series that features celebrities sharing their own mental health experiences.

Bill Hader made an inspiring video about how he deals with anxiety, and it’s sure to help some young fans.

Bill Hader


Comedian Bill Hader is known for making people laugh on Saturday Night Live and the HBO series Barry. But, all the while, he’s dealt with anxiety. He shared some tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety in his video for the Child Mind Institute.

In the video, Hader explains that he’s had anxiety nearly his entire life since he was a kid. He says that there’s always been a little voice in his head saying “here’s all the things that could go wrong.” It wasn’t until his mid-30s that he got serious about learning how to manage it.

“It was affecting my job as a performer on live television – which for someone with massive anxiety, that’s a crazy job to have. But, I loved my job, so I was gonna figure out how to deal with this,” Hader explains.

Hader says that it’s helped him to realize that anxiety never really goes away.

Instead, it’s something that he manages. Instead of trying to fight it or push it away, he imagines it as a “little monster” that he just acknowledges and allows to coexist with him. He says that he tries to “become friends” with his anxiety monster, and even though it might sound “corny, or a little silly” it helps Hader to “alleviate that fear.”

Hader explains that he wishes he had understood his anxiety better when he was younger.

But, luckily the #MyYoungerSelf videos are here to help today’s kids better understand and manage their mental health. Other celebrities involved in the project include Mark Ruffalo, Ray Romano, Busy Phillips, Kristen Bell, and Emma Stone.

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