A Woman Wrote A Touching Letter To The Happy Dog She Sees In The Window Every Day


There are some people in your life who just always know how to put a smile on your face, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it. They’re the people that you pass by on the street, or the ones that you have a casual exchange with when you’re running errands. And sometimes, those people aren’t even humans. Sometimes, they’re the happy animals you see every day.

One woman wrote a sweet letter to the happy dog she sees in a window every day.


She wrote, “Thank you for making me smile when I walk past.”

A woman named Rachel passes by 5-year-old Swift sitting in the window every day in West Yorkshire, England.


So, she wrote a card to the dog, thanking her for making her smile. Swift’s owner, Debbie Nutchey, was delighted to receive the card and relay the heartfelt message to her pup.

“Rachel could have been walking by here for years for all I know,” said Debbie, who used to be a laundry worker. “Swift is always sat there, it’s her spot. She doesn’t bark or anything, she sits as still as a statue.”

Swift used to sit in that spot in the window to wait for Debbie to return home from work. Even though Debbie doesn’t work anymore, Swift still claims that spot and watches people go by.

“She is known ’round here for being there. Some kids will wave as they go by and I have been stopped in the street before with somebody saying, ‘Is that the dog in the window?'”


In addition to the card, Rachel gave Swift a £10 gift card and said, “Please ask your human to buy you your favourite treats or a fab toy.”

“I’m going to take Swift to the shop with me and let her choose something herself,” Debbie said.

Debbie’s daughter shared the story on Facebook, and Rachel saw and commented on it. She wrote, “I walk past now and then and your dog always looks sooooo content and happy, especially if the sun is shining. ‘It always makes me happy to see her chilling out, living her best life, so I thought I’d do something to say thanks.”

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Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey