Quick-Thinking Man Grabs Hammer To Rescue Truck Driver After Flood Waters Swamp His Semi

A big rig driver who thought he could plow through water discovered that it was much deeper than he anticipated. He would have certainly drowned if it wasn’t for a quick-thinking man who happened to have a hammer in his truck.

“The trailer started turning and he started, he panicked really,” the hero—a local named Nathan—told KHOU 11 News reporter Melissa Correa.

The water actually went up to the truck’s windshield. Nathan grabbed his hammer and jumped over the guardrail and on to the top of the big rig. He smashed the window with the hammer and helped get the driver out. Then, another man and the police pulled the two men up with ropes. The whole rescue looks extremely dangerous, and it’s quite plausible that both men could have drowned.

The driver, who is new to Houston, said he didn’t realize how high the water was until it was too late.

“Everything just shut down,” he told Correa. He was unable to open the door or roll down the windows.

The shocking rescue is just one of hundreds that take place in the Greater Houston Area. There’s even a slogan: “turn around, don’t drown” reminding people not to try and drive through the water.

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Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi