Tons Of Bikers Surprise A Girl Running A Lemonade Stand After Her Mom Helped Them During An Accident

Sometimes the unlikeliest of friendships are the most meaningful of all. You wouldn’t think that a little girl with a lemonade stand would count a biker gang as her most loyal customers, but that’s exactly the case. Their odd friendship is making national headlines and inspiring people everywhere.

Bikers surprised a girl running a lemonade stand after her mom helped them during an accident.


In September 2018, Daryn Sturch, a nurse in Indiana, was driving with her daughter Bryanne when they noticed an accident involving multiple motorcyclists associated with the Milwaukee Iron Biker Group. They stopped to help and left once the paramedics arrived. She later checked in on the group on Facebook and was happy to learn that everyone survived. That check-in sparked a Facebook friendship between Daryn and the bikers.

When the bikers saw on Daryn’s Facebook post about Bryanne upcoming lemonade stand getting rained out, they suggested she reschedule for a date when they would be in the area.

Best lemonade in the state!Last year my daughter and granddaughter pulled up on a motorcycle accident that involved several of the men and women of this group. Ever since then they’ve been so wonderful to my family. Today they came by for lemonade to surprise my granddaughter. #goodpeopledoexist #milwaukeeiron

Posted by Joe Sloppy on Sunday, September 15, 2019

Bryanne set up her lemonade stand in Chili, Indiana on Sept. 15. Little did she know, she would end up serving more customers than she could imagine.

Bryanne was surprised by 30 bikers at her lemonade stand, some of whom were treated by her mom during the accident last year.

According to CNN, Daryn was “completely and utterly overwhelmed” because she didn’t expect that many people to show up.

The story has been shared by multiple media outlets, and Daryn shared a heartfelt message about it on Facebook:

“I’m getting excited to see how far a very important message my daughter and her Iron friends are sharing with all of you. There’s no bigger challenge I’ve had in life than trying to help and encourage others to always have an open mind, never enter a situation with preconceived notions, do not make assumptions, and stop expecting everyone else to be you! Spread love and stop negativity. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Not only understand each other’s individual and cultural differences but RESPECT them. I see a line of men and women with servant’s hearts.”


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