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Man Helps Senior Citizen Navigate Houston Floods In Touching Act Of Kindness

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Houston has been facing unprecedented floods after tropical storm Imelda hit Texas earlier this week, dropping torrential rain and leaving at least one man dead. Many neighborhoods were left “looking like lakes” on Thursday, and families were forced to evacuate their homes in order to escape the rising water levels.

It’s a terrifying and upsetting reality for those who live there, but a video that surfaced on Friday of a man helping a senior citizen navigate the floodwaters with such patience and kindness went a long way in restoring many people’s faith in humanity and made a terrible situation slightly more bearable.

The video, originally captured by local news affiliate ABC13-Houston, is only 18 seconds long, but the effect it’s had on those who have seen it is considerable. The clip shows a man in a blue jacket helping an older man walk through the knee-high waters and presumably to somewhere drier and safer.

Twitter user Joshua Potash shared the video on his account on Friday, captioning it, “In the middle of massive floods in Houston one man helped another though the water. I don’t normally tweet stuff like this but it’s worth remembering that we’re fighting for a world where this is the norm.”

So far, the tweet has received over 8.9k likes and 2.4k retweets. Many users responded with praise for stories of human kindness, insisting that this should be the type of news circulated more often instead of the negativity that overwhelms what we see online and on our TV screens on a daily basis. Others called for more selfless and compassionate acts in order to remind ourselves who we are.

One thing’s for sure: this video was a true reminder that there really are good people in the world who would go out of the way to help someone else in need during a trying time. It’s easy to forget given everything that’s happening at the moment, but videos like this should give us all hope.

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