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Detroit Police Officer Helps a Homeless Man Shave His Face in the Rain

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Police officers have a duty to help people, and it’s a beautiful thing when they realize that duty to the fullest extent. Helping people can mean stopping crimes or keeping a sense of order at crowded events. But, more often than not, true help comes in small, tender moments of human connection.

A Detroit police officer helped a homeless man shave his face in the rain after he saw him struggling.

Jill Metiva Schafer was leaving Comerica Park in Detroit last week when she noticed the random act of kindness. She posted about it on Facebook and wrote:

What a great Detroit cop!! This is right outside Comerica park. The game was a rainout but this officer went way above and beyond to help this man shave!!!💙🖤

Posted by Jill Metiva Schafer on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

“What a great Detroit cop!! This is right outside Comerica park. The game was a rainout but this officer went way above and beyond to help this man shave!!!💙🖤”

The officer is Jeremy Thomas who is assigned to Downtown Services for the police department. He said that he had seen a woman and her daughter give the man, 62-year-old Stanley Nelson, a razor, shaving cream, and a bottle of water. But then, Thomas noticed that Nelson was struggling to shave since he was using a rain puddle to rinse the razor and he had no mirror.

Thomas told 7 Action News, “He had shaving cream on his hands, his coat, his face, his eyes.”

He walked up to Nelson, who quickly responded that he would leave. But, Thomas explained that he just wanted to help him shave.

Nelson told 7 Action News that what Thomas did was “beautiful.”

He said:

“What he did for me, that was alright. I really appreciate that because, you know, I’m going through my thing and I feel bad about myself, you know, but I’m gonna be alright.”

Thomas wants to encourage other people to offer a helping hand when they can.

He explained:

“Just know that this could be you at any day. Nobody is better than the other person. They may be in a better position in life, but use that opportunity to take care of somebody else when you can.”

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