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Former Bloods And Crips Are Now Working Together To End Gang Violence In Their Communities

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Usually, when people talk about gangs, the conversation soon turns to discussions of violence. But what if the narrative around gangs could change to one that promotes peace and community bonds? One organization is working to make that change.

An organization called Original Gangsters United is working to inspire kids to build communities rather than turn to gang violence.

gang leaders

Freethink Catalysts

Original Gangsters United pairs former gang members in Dallas, Texas with people who have community influence and experience working with youth.

Former Bloods gang leader Antong Lucky teamed up with Bishop Omar Jahwar to unite the Bloods and the Crips gangs. “That truce has become the foundation piece for what we do in communities,” Jahwar explains.

First OGU trains former gang members to be “peace ambassadors.” OGU believes that authentic relationships are the key to personal growth, so the group teaches people how to build those real connections within their communities. Once the former gang members are trained they then go into their community and mentor young people, guiding them away from violence.

OGU kids

Freethink Catalysts

In a new episode of the Freethink series Catalysts, OGU is examined through the eyes of Big Milk.

Big Milk is a former Bloods member who goes through the OGU training and learns how to make a positive impact on his community.

Can Former Bloods and Crips Unite to Break the Cycle of Violence?

Can former Bloods and Crips unite to break the cycle of violence?

Posted by Catalysts on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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