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Man Breaks Down In Tears After Being Reunited With Dog He Lost 4 Years Ago

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Mike Plas, of Thunder Bay, Ontario, lost his dog Jack four years ago when the Husky/Shepherd mix broke free of his collar and went missing.

It’s always traumatic to lose a beloved animal. After such a long time anyone could be forgiven for giving up hope of seeing their pet again but Plas didn’t. For years he kept posting about his missing dog online until he got a call from an animal hospital in Winnipeg. They had Jack.

(Facebook: Mike Plas)

Luckily the dog had a microchip which identified him and his owner, leading to the happy call, four long years after he’d gone missing. Incredibly, not only was Jack OK four years after going missing, he’d made his way all the way to Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba, some 500 miles away.

Now after so many years and so many miles the pair have been reunited.

In a CTV News video of their tearful reunion you can hear the emotions from both man and dog.

In a post on Facebook, Plas described the news as “the greatest phone call I’ve ever gotten” and shared pictures with his reclaimed dog along with a simple message: “Never ever lose hope.”

So I got the greatest phone call iv ever gotten yesterday at work around 2 40pm…. an animal shelter from winnipeg…

Posted by Mike Plas on Saturday, September 21, 2019

h/t: CTV News

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