Man Creates ‘Blessing Box’ To Provide Food And More To People In Need

In many neighborhoods around the world, it’s not uncommon to see a few small boxes scattered around. These boxes are known as “Little Free Libraries.” They’re filled with books and people are welcome to take them to read as they please. One man is taking that concept even further with what he calls a “Blessing Box.”

Roman Espinoza created a Blessing Box to provide food and hygienic products to those who need it in his town of Waterton, New York.

blessing box
Mary Espinoza via CNN

Espinoza told CNN that the box is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that it’s always available to anyone who needs it.

The Blessing Box is stocked with food, toothbrushes, soap, and other items that needy people in the neighborhood might need. Espinoza contributes a few items, but the box is mostly stocked by other people in the neighborhood.

“The box itself is for the community and it’s sustained by the community,” he said. “The community, the neighborhood and my block have been really supportive.” 

Espinoza got the idea for the Blessing Box when he was taking classes at a local community college and saw that they had a pantry for students. He realized that there was a great need for support in the community, and so he decided to step in by installing a box on his lawn. Now, the community is asking for even more Blessing Boxes.

“I’ve gotten a couple of requests from people around town for boxes for their property,” Espinoza said. “With any luck, we’ll have a few around town where people can be made aware of them and make use of them.”

Espinoza is hopeful that the spirit and mission of the Blessing Boxes will spread and help more and more people.

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Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey