Homeless Woman Whose Bike Was Stolen Gets Surprised With A New One

homeless woman bike

As if being homeless wasn’t hard enough, having what few possessions you have stolen adds an extra layer of difficulty and devastation to an already terrible situation. Florida woman Jessica Madras experienced this firsthand when her bike was stolen while she was at work. Thankfully, an officer at the Sarasota Police Department stepped in to help replace it for her.

In a video taken by the Sarasota PD, Madras admitted that she felt like “everything was falling apart” after her bike was taken. “I noticed my bike was missing, I thought my husband had took it at first,” she said. “Then I realized a customer walked out of the store and took my bicycle.”

While Madras, who works at a 7-11 store, reported the crime to Officer Amelia Wicinski, the bike was unfortunately unable to be found.

Touched by Madras’ story and the fact that the woman is soon to become a mom to a baby girl, Wicinski decided to replace Madras’ bike with the help of the Salvation Army. She even pitched in to get a light and a lock for the bike, which she delivered to Madras while she was at work.

The bike Wicinski chose has three wheels and a basket on the back so that Madras can carry anything she might need with her on her way to and from work.

“She shouldn’t be walking that far every day and she’s trying,” Wicinski said. “I appreciate that so much and I wanted to make it easier for her.”

Madras was overwhelmed by the kind gesture and broke down in tears when she was presented with the bike, saying, “With me being homeless and stuff, it really matters a lot.”

homeless woman bike

She added: “For once, something good happened.”

With all the negativity in the news these days, it’s always heartwarming to hear such a positive story about compassion and kindness.

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Written by Jennifer Still