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Lady Gaga Gives A Moving Makeover To Fan She Helped Come Out As Gay

Lady Gaga has always had a strong relationship with her fans, just as she’s always been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Both of those things were on display in a new video released by Allure in conjunction with the singer’s October cover feature in which Gaga surprises longtime fan Brandon Galaz with a makeover using her new Haus Laboratories makeup products.

The 19-year-old cosmetology student believed he was getting a sneak peek at Gaga’s new cosmetics as well as a makeup tutorial with the makeup artist Sarah Tanno. However, he was completely shocked when Gaga herself turned up while he was reading a letter he wrote to her thanking her for giving him the strength to come out as gay.

“You have unknowingly had a huge influence on my life. I don’t exactly know what age I knew I was gay, but I always felt different, and I felt I had no one to turn to for advice,” he read aloud from the letter. “I couldn’t talk about my sexuality at school for fear of being bullied or violence, but your lyrics in ‘Born This Way’ spoke to me.”

It was then that Gaga surprised Brandon by walking up and placing her hands on his shoulders. As he continued to read his letter, the singer became visibly emotional at hearing the profoundly positive effect she had on the teen.

lady gaga fan makeover

“The song made me realize I had to be me. I came out to my mother and sister, and they immediately accepted me with a blink of an eye,” he read. “When I told my father, it drove a wedge between us and he became a stranger. But I found strength and the permission to accept myself in your words: ‘Don’t hide yourself in regret / Just love yourself and you’re set.'”

lady gaga fan makeover

Brandon even revealed that it was Gaga’s influence which inspired him to move to LA and take up cosmetology in the first place, saying, “You’re my role model. I am unsure if I would have the courage to accept who I am and be where I am today without the acceptance and peace I have found in your music and life story.”

Gaga was incredibly gracious upon hearing Brandon’s letter and offered her own words of encouragement in return.

“That was so beautiful. You make me feel brave. You remind me that it’s important to see yourself as you see you,” she told him. “I’m so proud of you. You’ve been through a lot. I’ve been through a lot. Many people have been through a lot. But we’re not alone; we get through things together, right?”

Needless to say, it was an incredible experience that neither Gaga nor Brandon is likely to forget anytime soon.

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