A Hero Dog Rescued His Elderly Owner After Her iPad Caught On Fire While She Slept

hero dog rescues owner

Dogs are “man’s best friend” for a reason, thanks to their cheerful dispositions and loyal attitudes. Some dogs take that title to the next level by becoming true heroes to their humans. That’s what one dog did when he saved his owner’s life.

A dog rescued an elderly Florida woman when her iPad caught on fire.

hero dog
Photo via WFLA

A Boxer (and very good boy) named Bubba rushed into his elderly owner Laverne’s room Sunday night when their Holiday, Florida home started filling up with smoke.

Her iPad had caught on fire in the kitchen, and Bubba rushed to save Laverne.

Photo via WFLA

Laverne was in a deep sleep, but Bubba managed to rouse her. “I think Bubba knew that if he didn’t get me out of there that it was going to be a bad thing for me because I was sleeping and I wouldn’t have woken up,” Laverne told WFLA.

After Bubba woke Laverne up, she called the fire department for help.

While she waited for the firefighters to arrive, Laverne tried to put out the fire herself. But, it was becoming difficult for both her and Bubba to breathe in the house, so they went outside.

Laverne relies on oxygen tanks to help her breathe, and the flammable tanks might have posed an additional threat during the fire.

Laverne explained, “They said the chemicals alone would have filled the house, and if I had not woken up, I probably would have died in bed, and the tanks could have exploded.”

Laverne is grateful that she and Bubba both made it out alive, and that he was there to save the day.

hero dog bubba
Photo via WFLA

”I may not know how long I have, but I am here with my dog and happy,” Laverne said. “He saved my life. My hero, that’s how I really feel about him. He’s my hero.”

Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey