Disabled ‘Snack Man’ Makes It His Mission To Help Feed The Homeless

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Alfred Sanchez is a resident of Citrus Heights, California where he’s made it his mission to help feed those in need.

Sanchez does so by delivering simple snacks to those who are hungry, all while wearing a brightly colored shirt with the nickname “SNACK MAN” emblazoned on it.

Think Superman but with better snacks.

Sanchez is disabled and delivers the morale-boosting munchies from his motorized scooter.

CBS News

According to MSN Sanchez spends about $80-$140 a month buying snacks for those in need and has been making his rounds for two years now. He says he also gets sporadic food donations to aid his cause.

As Sanchez told CBS Sacramento:

“You wake up in the morning and you’re hungry and sometimes you make bad decisions.”

“Hunger is a big motivator. So you come out and give people just enough snacks to get em through the morning and maybe cheer em up a little bit.”

Sanchez hands out zip-locked bags containing snacks, juice, and dry goods.

Sanchez says homeless people have told him that even if he didn’t give them food they would appreciate the fact that he seeks them out and talks to them, telling ABC:

“Society just washes their hands from the homeless issue sometimes. They just want them to go away but where are they supposed to go?”

As one homeless man interviewed by CBS said of Sanchez:

“He doesn’t give up on anyone around him and that’s pretty inspiring. I like that. That gives me energy.”

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