Veterans’ Community Project’s Tiny Homes Help Give Vets A New Future

veterans tiny homes

When people return to civilian life after serving in the military, they are faced with a unique set of issues. It can be difficult for veterans to return to everyday life and obtain all the resources they need. That’s why one organization is working to help the community.

The Veterans Community Project is building tiny home villages for vets to live in once they return to the United States.

veterans tiny home
Photo via Veteran’s Community Project

Veterans Community Project offers wraparound services to vets and includes a village of 280-square-foot tiny houses across about five acres in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jason Kander is the former Missouri Secretary of State and a former veteran. He turned to the Veterans Community Project for help and has found their tiny homes perfect for veterans’ needs since they help make life similar to military life.

“It really replicates base housing,” Kander told PEOPLE. “It recreates the environment a lot of folks were in when they were really stable. It’s a great transitional environment.” With a tiny house, you can do a perimeter check. It makes them feel safe, and it makes them feel comfortable.”

Photo via Veteran’s Community Project

The entirely donation-based organization works to set veterans up for success.

The program is individually tailored to each vet as they live in their home, get a job, start a savings account, and set up their life in other ways. Bryan Meyer, co-founder and CEO of Veterans Community Project said to PEOPLE, “We tell them they can be there as long as it takes. If you’re going to put in the work and get yourself better, we’re going to be here for you.”

The hope is that this model can be replicated in other cities around the country.

“This needs to be in every community in the country,” Kander said. “[It] saves lives.”

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Sarah Halle Corey

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