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After Decades, Dolphins Are Returning To The Potomac

Due to global warming and man-made pollution the news we hear about the environment is generally pretty bad. So it’s always encouraging when we hear about a case in which the environment is improving thanks to the efforts of environmental organizations and increased protections and consideration of nature.

We recently reported that whales are returning to New York Harbor and now there’s more good news to report of marine life bouncing back.

According to Smithsonian Magazine dolphins are returning to the Potomac River in increasing numbers and have even been recorded giving birth there.

Dolphins were once a common site in the Potomac, along with bald eagles and other striking species, but by the 1960s that was no longer the case. But now, after decades of environmental restoration efforts the tide appears to have turned and the dolphins are coming back. According to the Smithsonian:

“Now, after almost 50 years of pollution control, clean-up and restoration efforts, researchers have catalogued well over 1,000 bottlenose dolphins living, mating, and even giving birth in the lower reaches of the river.”

Researchers from the Potomac-Chesapeake Dolphin Project counted some 200 dolphins in the river in 2015 and report that that number has now jumped to over 1,000 individuals, according to the Smithsonian. In August they also witnessed a bottlenosed dolphin giving birth in the river which is something that has rarely been observed in the wild, let alone in a once-polluted river like the Potomac.

According to the Potomac Conservancy there are simple things people can do to contribute to the health of the river as it recovers to help those dolphins continue to thrive and to multiply.

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