Teenager Hosts Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids Who Have Never Experienced One

Teenager Hosts Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids Who Have Never Experienced One

A 17-year-old California girl recently hosted her 45th birthday party for homeless children who have never experienced one before, inspiring everyone with her selfless and generous act.

High school senior Tanvi Barman started No Birthday Left Behind after spending time volunteering at homeless shelters with her parents and noticing that the children living there didn’t get to experience the same celebrations as she did every year on her birthday.

CBS News/YouTube

Talking to CBS News, which came along on a recent party for 1-year-old Tianah, Barman said that while the kids are strangers at first, it doesn’t take long for them to warm to her and begin enjoying their party.

“Within an hour, they’re holding my hands, they’re tugging on my sleeve, and they really trust me,” she said. “It’s very hard for these children to get a source of happiness in their lives. I can provide them a day where they feel special and loved.”

CBS News/YouTube

Barman added that she wanted all children to experience the same fun and happiness as she did at her own birthday parties growing up regardless of the difficulties they and their families may be facing.

“A birthday party is such a big experience for a child and I think it was one of my favorite memories growing up,” she explained. “We all look forward to our birthdays every year. We all do. And it’s sad that these children, who are just like us, don’t have the opportunity to have a birthday.”

While No Birthday Left Behind was originally funded by Barman and her family, the organization recently got some much-needed and well-deserved help in the form of custom cake and pizza donations as well as a face painter and a puppeteer who have volunteered their services at the parties free of charge. What a wonderful way to give back and make these children’s lives just a little brighter.


Written by Jennifer Still