Woman Is Reunited With Lost Dog Who Was Missing For A Year

lost dog
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Dogs aren’t just pets, they become part of our family that we can’t imagine being without. That’s why it’s so devastating when they’re taken from us in whatever form, something Altagracia Baldera experienced first-hand when her beloved dog went missing and was lost for over a year.

Baldera, from North Andover, Massachusetts, experienced a severe fire in her apartment and was forced to move in with her sister in another town. She took her four dogs with her, but her 14-year-old Pekingese-Shih Tzu mix, Virgo, wasn’t coping well with the change and, in a moment of severe anxiety, he ran out when her brother-in-law opened the front door one day.

While she was extremely distressed and worried about Virgo, she filed a police report and made sure the MSPCA was aware of her updated contact information just in case the dog was found.

Last week, a year after Virgo went missing, he was found by local children who contacted authorities. Lawrence Animal Control used Virgo’s microchip to get Baldera’s current contact information and the two were soon reunited, much to Baldera’s relief.

“I never gave up hope,” Baldera said through tears as she clutched Virgo in her lap. “Good things happen, after everything.”

She added: “Things happen when you have hope. I knew in my heart that I was going to find him.”

Despite his advanced age and the fact that he had presumably been living on the street for the past year, Virgo was said to be in relatively good health, which must have been a relief to Baldera.

Hopefully, Virgo will be able to settle back into more comfortable surroundings with an owner who truly loves him and has been wanting him back for such a long time. After experiencing every pet owner’s nightmare, she certainly deserves some quality time with her four-legged friend.


Written by Jennifer Still