Former Marine Raises Almost $8,000 To Pay Off Lunch Debt For High School Students

Former Marine Raises Almost $8,000 To Pay Off Lunch Debt For High School Students

Eating a healthy lunch is important for every child’s success in school. The key nutrients you get from food are just as important as the knowledge that feeds your brain. But, unfortunately not every child can afford lunch. One man is trying to change that for his community.

A man has raised nearly $8,000 to pay off lunch debt for local high school students.

Dustin Wright, a father of three and former Marinestarted a Facebook fundraiser to help pay off negative lunch account balances at Amherst County High School in Virginia. He wrote on Facebook, “After reading several stories of kids having to put hot lunches back because they didn’t have enough money on their cafeteria accounts I thought maybe we could raise some money for kids in similar situations in our area.”

Wright was told that the high school in the community is most in need, so that’s where he’s focused his attention.

Next, he hopes to be able to contribute to the lunch funds at the middle and elementary schools. He wrote, “Children should not be worried about their account balances, they just need to focus on school and getting food to feed their growing minds and bodies.”

Wright organized the fundraiser on Facebook, but he’s also received cash and personal checks. He’s putting all of the money into a Navy Federal account that he doesn’t use. The funds will go straight from the bank account to the students’ school lunch balances.

Wright’s fundraiser is over, but he issued some big thanks to everyone who supported the cause. He wrote on Facebook, “THANK YOU everyone who participated in the fundraiser with me whether that was donating, sharing the post or just messaging me with approvement and encouragement.”

Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey