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Viral Video Shows Girl With Cerebral Palsy’s Joy At Walking Unassisted For The First Time

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Love Janae is a mom from Austin, Texas with a young daughter, also named Love, who faces some special challenges.

The younger Love, who is six years old, has Cerebral palsy and walks with the assistance of a walker. But she also an extraordinary amount of determination as evidenced by a video her mother took of her walking unassisted for the first time. Janae posted the video on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

As a caption to the video, Janae called her daughter her hero, writing:

“Most of you know my daughter has cerebral palsy and needs her Walker to get around. She decided to get up and try walking without her walker and braces. My hero is not someone older than me it’s my 6 year old princess.”

The joy on Love’s face is evident as she lets go of the table and walks on her own over to the bed, laughing and exclaiming “Oh my god!”

After the video of Love’s walk went viral her mother returned to Facebook to express her appreciation of the reaction her daughter – whose story has been covered by FOX, CBS, and CNN –  has received, writing:

“I’m so amazed how many hearts my daughter touched. The love she is getting across the world is beautiful.”

Janae added that she hoped the video would inspire other children with Cerebral palsy and also said, “I’m proud of my baby.”

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