Chick-Fil-A Employee Climbs Down Manhole To Retrieve Customer’s Fallen Phone

chick-fil-a manhole phone

Chick-fil-A admittedly has some pretty terrible politics, but they also have delicious chicken, ridiculously good waffle fries, and apparently, super helpful employees. When Shauna Hall accidentally dropped her phone down a storm drain in the parking lot of a Virginia branch of the fast-food chain, one of the company’s staff members literally climbed down a manhole to get it for her. Now that’s dedication.

Hall shared her experience on Facebook this week, revealing that she dropped her phone when she was getting out of the car with her son. While she looked down the drain it bounced into in despair, Chick-fil-A digital marketing manager Seth came to her rescue.

He cut his hand trying to remove the manhole cover leading to the drain, but he soon bandaged himself up and was back at it, climbing down to retrieve Hall’s phone, which miraculously survived the fall unharmed. Seth also asked Hall to take his picture so he could show it to his girlfriend later.

“This afternoon I park at our local Chick-fil-A and as I go to get my son out of the van, no joke, my phone drops and bounces right into the storm drain I’m parked next too. My iPhone that we just paid off and that I had just put a brand new Otterbox on two days before,” Hall wrote. “After a moment of loosing my freakin mind, I lay on the ground, placing my head best I can between my van and the drain, looking into the dark abyss to see if by any chance it has landed somewhere I can reach. Of course it has not.”


Hall goes on to reveal that in addition to Seth’s willingness to go above and beyond in such a stressful situation, the restaurant also comped her son’s meal and offered to let her use their phone to call anyone she might need.

To make Seth’s actions even more amazing, he was actually done with his shift at the time and stuck around just to help Hall. Now that’s customer service.

Hopefully someone will give Seth the recognition he clearly deserves. He sounds like an awesome employee and a genuinely lovely guy, and there aren’t enough people like that in the world.

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Written by Jennifer Still