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Man Built A Homemade Machine That Makes Clean Water Out Of Air—And Brought It To Flint And Puerto Rico

moses west flint michigan

Not every single resident in Flint, Michigan has clean water yet, but hopefully, that will change soon—and Moses West of San Antonio, Texas has one solution to the problem.

West developed a water-harvesting device while serving in the military at Camp Mabry in Austin and has spent the last few years developing more efficient versions of his technology.

Basically, the science behind his machine is based on principles of condensation. The more humid the air outside, the better the machine can condense the water in the air, making it rain inside the device. Then, a spigot and hose are attached, which lets people fill up containers with fresh water.

Currently, the machine extracts about 1200 gallons a day in Flint—but the weather is cooling, so that level might drop.

However, West wants to take his machine to the hurricane-destroyed Bahamas, where the weather is more consistently hot and can create more water in the device.

“This is a long-term recovery for the people there, and one of the stresses that they do not need to have is a lack of clean water,” West said.

The machine is so necessary in Flint that families who live in close proximity use it multiple times a day. It’s become the “neighborhood’s water well” said West. However, Flint families understand that it’s needed more in the Bahamas at the moment.

West also brought the machine to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, where it greatly aided in helping the people on the island work towards recovery. As a result of West’s ingenuity and hard work, the city of Austin declared Feb. 6th “Moses West Day.”

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