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Man Tracks Down Owner Of Lost Wallet By Sending Messages To His Bank Account

I lost my wallet a few months ago. And…that was that. I had to cancel my credit cards and buy a new MetroCard. Still haven’t braved the DMV for a new license. Basically, losing a wallet can be a very stressful experience if it doesn’t fall into the hands of a kind stranger.

Luckily, Twitter user @Timcammm’s lost wallet did exactly that. He shared the story of how a good Samaritan got in touch with him about his lost wallet—by leaving messages in his bank account.

“I just lost my wallet on the way home from work. I didn’t have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan got in touch with my via my… bank account,” wrote Tim Cameron. “4x transfers of £0.01 each with a reference up to 18 chars.”

The post went viral, with over 25k retweets and 140k likes. “I noticed the references so I gave the guy a call and it turns out he lived only 20 minutes from me,” Tim told the Evening Standard. “I cycled round, got my wallet back and gave him a bottle of red wine. It had all my bank cards and ID cards in it so it would have been an absolute disaster.”


“He was a nice bloke,” added Tim. “He was going to hand it in to the police and he had tried to find me on Facebook. I was going to go to the police after I had retraced my steps but this happened first. It all happened within 90 minutes of getting home, it was crazy how quick it was. It was very clever.”

Folks were inspired by the story and wanted to share their own lost item experiences or times they were the finder of a lost item and helped find the owner.

“My son lost his wallet in central London and feared the worst. However someone popped it in a postbox and Royal Mail found his address on his driving license and sent it to us. Nothing was missing, there are more good people about than we think,” wrote @LesleyHustler1.

“Stressed out with a newborn on a wet day I didn’t realise I’d dropped my car keys in the car park. Went back to cary and panicked when I couldn’t find my keys anywhere, then realised there was a note on the seat saying ‘found your keys, taken them to police station,” wrote another person.

“Found a wallet on my lunch break. Went back to my office looked through. See his dentist appt card. Called the dentist to have them give my info. Wanted to get him before he cancelled all his cards. Turns out he was a block away. Was really happy.”

Basically, this man’s post restored a lot of faith in humanity for a lot of folks.

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