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Firefighters Let Scared Little Girl Paint Their Nails After She Was In A Car Crash

Firefighters Let Scared Little Girl Paint Their Nails After She Was In A Car Crash

Usually, people prefer to get their nails done in a spa or nail salon. But recently, two firefighters in Utah received manicures during an emergency situation, and from a very unlikely source.

Two Utah firefighters got purple manicures from a girl after helping her in a car accident.

firefighters manicures

North Davis Fire District/Facebook

When they arrived at the scene of a car accident on Oct. 12, Shift Battalion Chief Allen Hadley and Captain Kevin Lloyd met a young girl who was upset by the crash.

Nobody was injured in the accident, but the girl was rattled by it. The firefighters noticed she was holding a couple of bottles of nail polish, and so they used the nail polish as an opportunity to calm her down. The North Davis Fire District posted about the firefighters on Facebook and wrote, “After noticing the child was holding bottles of fingernail polish, these 2 officers started talking to her about her polish and asked her I’d she would paint their nails. Within minutes, the child was calmly paining their nails and had forgotten about the accident she had just experienced.”

This is how amazing our firefighters are. Our A shift Battalion Chief and Captain were on the scene of a motor vehicle…

Posted by North Davis Fire District on Saturday, October 12, 2019

Both firefighters are dads to young girls themselves, and so they know a thing or two about impromptu spa days.

Firefighters Let Scared Little Girl Paint Their Nails After She Was In A Car Crash

North Davis Fire District/Facebook

Since the fire department shared Hadley and Lloyd’s story with the message, “This is how amazing our firefighters are,” it’s been shared over 5,000 times and has received over 17,000 likes. The post has received hundreds of comments, including one from the mother of the girl. Jocelyn Fernelius wrote, “Thank you both so much!!!! That was my daughter that painted your nails. You made her day. 💚”

Facebook comment

North Davis Fire District/Facebook

Fernelius went on to confirm in the Facebook comments that she and her whole family are safe. Her daughter is back to laughing and smiling, no doubt in part thanks to the care of the firefighters.

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