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A Group Of Old High School Friends Found Out Their Former Classmate Was Homeless Man So They Helped Him Get Off The Streets

Hopefully, when people say that they’ll be friends with someone forever, they really mean it. One woman in Texas definitely proved that she can stay true to her word. When an old high school classmate needed help, she jumped to action to help him.

A group of old classmates helped a homeless man get off the streets.

When Leea Mechling saw a photo of a homeless man on the front page of a September issue of The Austin American-Statesman, she recognized him as her high school classmate, Coy Featherston. Featherston had been an outgoing student and friend when they were in school together in Corpus Christi, Texas, and so Mechling knew she had to do something to help him. “You can’t let things linger when you see something like this,” Mechling, told The Washington Post. “You’ve got to rally the troops and jump right in.”

Mechling walked up and down streets where she knew people who experience homelessness often spend time.

After four days of searching, Mechling found Featherston outside St. Austin Catholic Parish, near the University of Texas at Austin. Featherston stayed with her briefly before moving in with another classmate from Corpus Christi.

Featherston has been living on the streets for the last 20 years.

But, since the night that Mechling reunited with Featherston, he’s been sleeping inside and with his own mattress. His former classmates are working to help him sort out necessary mental health care and Social Security benefits. They’ve also set up a GoFundMe campaign for Featherson, which has raised over $13,000 and counting.

Featherston told The Austin American-Statesman, “It’s on the upswing at present. Hopefully, it’ll get better. I have a lot of encouragement from a lot of folks I’ve known for years and years. How do you stay away from friends? And you know they’re friends because they’re helping you.”

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