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This Very Big, Very Good Boy, Got Stranded While Hiking And The Rescue Photos Will Make You Tear Up

A very good dog was rescued from a hike that went wrong in Salt Lake County, Utah on Sunday.

Floyd, who is a three-year-old mastiff weighing about 190 lbs, went hiking with his person up the Grandeur Peak trail—and decided it was too hard to go back down again. It’s honestly very relatable.

Our patient Floyd tonight being carried down Grandeur Peak.Please visit our website and donate if you can:

Posted by Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue on Sunday, October 13, 2019

“They started hiking around noon and it’s usually a three-hour hike,” said Todd Taylor, leader of Salt Lake County Search and Rescue. “But they were sitting up there for a few hours. He would walk a few feet and then sit down and his paws were hurt and cut up.”

Floyd and his owner stopped on the trail for a few hours, concerning other hikers who then called 911 when they were able to get cell reception. That’s when Taylor and his team got to work. The nonprofit, all-volunteer group makes around 50 rescues a year ranging from injured or dehydrated hikers to water incidents.

They knew it would not be an ordinary rescue because of Floyd’s massive size, and the crew was concerned about leaving the dog on the mountain in the dark and cold. They had to work fast.

“This was an interesting rescue because of the size of Floyd,” Taylor told Buzzfeed News.

“We knew we had a big dog, a 190-pounder, and we treated it like a normal rescue for a person.”

The rescue team consisted of ten people with a lot of gear: helmets, rope, radios, and a litter (a piece of equipment for carrying people). About a mile into the rescue, the team encountered a setback—a wheel broke. That meant the team had to carry the dog all the way down.


“We were prepared to have to strap him down, but he was very well-behaved,” Taylor said. The entire rescue took about four hours. Both dog and owner were relieved to be safe.

Salt Lake County Search and Rescue shared the success story on their Facebook account. The dog’s owner’s sister was especially grateful.

“It was so hard getting everyone back up the trail. Poor dog just couldn’t take any more after that,” she wrote. “Thanks to all the nice hikers who offered us more water, as we used the remainder of ours to keep Floyd hydrated.”

Get this doggo some treats and a snuggly blanket! He deserves some pampering.

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