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Diver Convinces Octopus To Trade Its Plastic Cup For A Shell In Amazing Video

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In what will likely be the most touching example of interspecies friendship that you see today, a diver helped a baby octopus find a new home.

Pall Sigurdsson, a diver from Iceland, and his team, encountered the young octopus sheltering inside a plastic cup and decided to give it a hand by presenting the small animal with superior options in the form of shells.

Sigurdsson told Bored Panda that the remarkable encounter happened after a day of diving, saying:

“This was our third dive that day, and we were all starting to get a little bit tired. My dive buddy sent me a hand signal indicating that he had found an octopus and asked me to come over for help.”

Sigurdsson’s beautiful and moving video shows his efforts to coax the octopus out of his cup and into a new and improved one.

Like any home-buyer the octopus is downright choosy when it comes to selecting its new accommodations and doesn’t simply go for the first option provided…though it is clearly intrigued.

Sigurdsson patiently places a series of shells of various shapes and sizes in front of the animal as it reaches out a tentacle to curiously inspect each one.

It becomes a bit of a Goldilocks situation. One shell is too big, another too small.

Finally Sigurdsson presents the octopus with a new home that is just right.

Sigurdsson spoke with Bored Panda and explained that he helped the octopus out because the plastic cup would hav eventually doomed the small creature, saying:

“I am no stranger to seeing octopi making homes out of trash. They are clever animals and use their environment to their advantage, and trash is a permanent part of their environment now. However the octopus with its soft tentacles did not know that this cup offers virtually no protection, and in a competitive environment like the ocean, this cup was a guaranteed death sentence.”

You can watch the remarkable video in its entirety below.

h/t: Bored Panda

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