Man Whose Car Crashed Into A Ravine Is Found Alive A Week Later

ryan linneman crash

A 37-year-old man from Lee’s Summit, Missouri has been found alive after a dirt bike rider discovered his car at the bottom of a steep 50-foot incline in a gully along the Kansas City Highway. Ryan Linneman was missing for a week after crashing his car into a ravine and police had been unable to locate him or the vehicle as it was hidden from view.

Ryan Linneman’s wife reported him missing on October 9, and police unsuccessfully tried to locate him by tracing his cell phone, using a license plate reader database, and checking his credit card records. They even interviewed his friends and family members in hopes of locating him but to no avail. It wasn’t until the unnamed bike rider found him alive and injured inside his crashed car that police finally understood the gravity of what he’d been through.

The rider who discovered Linneman initially thought he was dead, but when he saw the man was still breathing, he immediately alerted Lee’s Summit Police.

Sgt. Bill Mahoney, a crash investigation supervisor for the Kansas City Police Department, told reporters that it was an unprecedented situation and that Linneman, who currently remains unconscious in a local hospital’s intensive care unit, was lucky to have been discovered.

ryan linneman crash

“Never seen anything like it. Especially this many days, if in fact he had been there that entire time, that would be really unusual,” Mahoney said. “He’s in an area where I can’t think of another way that someone would have found him.”

Ryan Linneman’s family said they’re not yet ready to speak publicly about what had happened, though The Kansas City Star reports that one relative had been asking for prayers for Ryan as he continued to face multiple medical issues as a result of the crash.

“We are blessed to be able to say that he is alive,” the relative wrote.

Here’s hoping Linneman makes a full recovery.

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Written by Jennifer Still