Talented 9-Year-Old Paints Incredible Animal Portraits To Raise Money For Shelters

A 9-year-old Russian boy is using his artistic talents to help animal shelters buy food by painting animal portraits and selling or bartering them. Pavel Abramov of Arzamas, Russia and his mother Ekaterina started the initiative about a year ago, reports Metro.

When Pavel’s own pet died he decided to help animals in need by using his skills to create the striking likenesses.

Pet owners have begun commissioning portraits from Pavel and paying him in the form of pet food, food scraps, and pet supplies, which he then donates to the shelters, according to Metro:

“He then takes the donations to the only animal shelter in Arzamas where Pavel is the youngest volunteer. The shelter currently houses more than 100 dogs.”

The youngster is not only artistically talented but sensitive and, according to Metro, spends time with the pets and their owners before painting them to get a sense of the animal.

Photos on the young artist’s social media page “What Can A Little Volunteer Do?” show him hard at work painting pet portraits for a good cause.

There are also pictures of the large hauls of food, medicine, and pet supplies Pavel has managed to acquire with his talents.

And pictures of Pavel with his paintings…and his models.

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Written by Stefan

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