Kind-Hearted Uber Driver Saw A New Mother Struggling And Took Her On A Shopping Spree

Nikki Ihus had just given birth and was in an unfamiliar city when she got a helping hand from an Uber driver who saw she was struggling, according to WKRG News.

Ihus had journeyed from Kansas City to deliver her baby, John Henry, at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida after learning the child had a rare birth defect, called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, that meant he’d need special care if he was to survive. After giving birth Ihus, who was in Florida alone, ventured out of the hospital to buy baby clothes for the child and called an Uber.

What she got was a lot more than a ride. After she told her Uber driver, Belinda, about her recent hardships the driver made her an offer: They’d be going to the store together and Belinda would be buying some clothes for Nikki’s son.

“She told me her story. She was in tears a couple of times and I really felt for her,” Belinda told WKRG.

The pair went shopping and Belinda bought Nikki’s son a superhero outfit. For her part, Ihus was blown away by the stranger’s generosity, telling WKRG:

“For this stranger to go completely out of her way – stop what she was doing and stop making money – to come be with me for a couple of hours while we shopped together, that was just incredible.”

Belinda says it was no coincidence that Nikki got in her car that day, telling WKRG that “I believe that everyone gets in my car for a reason.”


There is a fundraiser to help baby John Henry get the rest of the medical care he needs on GoFundMe.

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