200 Homeless Seniors Will Get Their Own Tiny Homes In Texas

homeless tiny homes, homeless tiny houses

Thanks to a nonprofit organization, two hundred homeless seniors in Texas will soon be sheltered in homes of their own.

homeless tiny homes, homeless tiny houses
Housing First Community Coalition

Housing First Community Coalition (HFCC) announced earlier this week that it had successfully raised more than $2 million in donations for a new complex called Towne Twin Village that will provide housing and support services for homeless senior citizens in San Antonio.

According to the HFCC website, the communities are described as “a place where people are not looked upon as a burden or problem, but as valued humans who deserve the basic dignity and inclusion that all humans deserve. Through serving each other, we may begin to more-deeply connect with our humanity—within ourselves and with each other.”

The community will be the city’s first single-site Housing First–Permanent Supportive Housing property and will feature apartments, 350-400 square foot tiny houses, an RV park, garden, picnic areas, art studio, pet rescue facility and park, a chapel, and an outdoor space for events and movie screenings. Along with housing, the community will provide support services such as case management, job training, counseling, legal advocacy, and healthcare.

“Our vision is to develop a housing community where everyone is cherished. The community will provide permanent housing and assistance to meet the needs of seniors experiencing long-term homelessness in San Antonio and develop a community that offers safety, stability, dignity, and purpose,” said HFCC chairman Mark Wittig.

“HFCC aims to serve chronically homeless vulnerable people as they outnumber chronically homeless families by 36 to 1,” said Alice Salinas, senior program manager of San Antonio Local Initiative Support Corporation.

“Our goal is to restore dignity and to build a therapeutic community that will promote the flourishing of natural support systems through socialization and development of friendship with volunteers, neighbors, and other residents. ”

According to research by Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, America’s homeless elderly population is projected to nearly triple by 2030. Though we need to further address the reasons why senior citizens are becoming increasingly homeless, Towne Twin Village and other communities like it are great resources for those currently struggling.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi