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Rival Team Shields Soccer Player From View After Her Hijab Comes Loose During Match

Rival Team Shield Soccer Player From View After Her Hijab Comes Loose During Match

Being part of a team isn’t always about winning—it’s about supporting everyone on the field and showing a positive example. And in a viral video, a girl’s soccer club showed their good sportsmanship by shielding a member of the opposite team as she stopped to fix her hijab on the field.

During a match between Jordan’s Shabab Al Urdon Club and the Anman Club, one player’s hijab began coming loose, causing her hair to show. Realizing that her hijab was about to fall down, the unidentified player stopped playing and knelt down to fix her hijab. That’s when the players on the opposing team circled her, shielding her so she could adjust her hijab in private.

The moment was captured during the 2018 Final Women’s League match, but it has seen renewed popularity and worldwide attention as a symbol of cooperation and kindness in the midst of competition.

ESPN shared the video in a tweet that has since garnered over 101k likes and 21 retweets, with folks sharing how the simple act inspired them and gave them hope.

“What an amazing display of cultural awareness within a competitive setting. These players instantly shifted their minds from trying to win a game to an inclusive mindset to help an opponent for something bigger than the game. Beautiful!”

Nice work, ladies!

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