Nurse And Grandmother Gets Surprised With $10,000 Prize For Winning A Stock Picking Game

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Do you secretly want to play the stock market but are terrified because it’s confusing? A new fantasy stock game called Pick 5 Stocks is rewarding folks with cash prizes and encouraging them to consider investing in the real stock market—and the success stories are inspiring. For example? A nurse from Ohio, with no trading experience, won $10,000 last month.

Nurse and grandmother Autumn Farley from Coshocton, Ohio decided to try Pick 5 because she likes “to try new things and I love contests and challenges. It is exciting to log on each morning and see what your portfolio looks like—I love seeing it ALL turn green!”

By playing Pick 5 Stocks, Farley says that she learned new strategies.

“I went with companies that I was familiar with except for the selection of the penny stock. I watched those for a few days and went with the one that seemed to be on the rise…and it was the move that put me on the leaderboard,” she says.

Former investment banker Greg Harrison founded Pick 5 Stocks in 2016 in order to create a game that was fair, fun, and easy to play.

“We want to empower our community with knowledge about how to research stocks before making trades,” Harrison explained.

Each challenge lasts roughly 30 days, and pays out $13,000 in total cash prizes, with $10K going to the best trader. Harrison earns money from sponsors and admits he isn’t making a profit yet, but hopes the game will become more popular as word spreads. The company expects about 6000 players participating in the October 28th round.

Past winners include a parking valet from Miami, Florida and a Fed Ex employee from Sacramento, California.

“When I first started the business, I honestly had no idea how profoundly this contest could impact our winners,” said Harrison. “I actually make the calls to winners on speakerphone so others in the office can listen. Their elation is contagious!”

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Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi