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Robotics Students Surprise Four-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy With Motorized Hulk Costume

Four-year-old Zephan Cantu, who has cerebral palsy, usually feels like an outcast during the Halloween season. But this year, thanks to some thoughtful local high school students who made him a custom Hulk costume, he will feel like a superhero.

Cerebral palsy can affects muscle tone and posture and can cause unsteady walking, abnormal posture, and floppiness of the limbs, among other issues. Because of his condition, Zephan uses a wheelchair, which makes him feel left out during the holidays.

“Last year it was just stares and pointing,” Zephan’s mother Leeann Cantu, told CBS News. “Things like that.”

When a group of arts and robotics students from nearby Penn High School in Mishawska, Indiana heard Zephan’s story—and about his love for the Incredible Hulk—they decided to build him a special costume for Halloween that will allow him to smash the bad guys.

Screenshot via WNDU

It’s all part of their Magical Wheelchair program.

With the students’ help, Zephan gets to be the Incredible Hulk this Halloween and go trick or treating with his very own customized, wheelchair-friendly costume.

Screenshot via WNDU

“It’s something that he might not have otherwise been able to do,” student Zoey Griffith told WNDU.

Isabella Costa, who was part of the foam sculpture team, has a sister with cerebral palsy, so helping create Zephan’s costume was extra special for her.

“It’s a very good opportunity that I wish my sister also had. So it’s just nice to see other families get this gift,” she said.

On Saturday, the students presented Zephan and his family with the fully mobile costume that turns Zephan into his beloved superhero. It was a smashing success!

Screenshot via WNDU

“Six weeks of hard work from countless Penn High School teachers, students and volunteers all lead up to this Magic Wheelchair reveal at A Rosie Place for Children–O’Hana Heritage Foundation,” wrote the Penn Harris Madison School District on their Facebook page.

4-year old Zephan Cantu is in a wheelchair and wants to be a superhero for Halloween so a nonprofit organization and…

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

“It was great and emotional being able to see him actually being known and seeing that he means something to everybody,” Zephan’s mother said.

Halloween is a time for everyone to feel accepted, so hopefully Zephan will have fun celebrating the season with his incredible costume!

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