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Stylists Donate Free Haircuts To Homeless Shelter To Help Those In Need

When you’re struggling financially or dealing with homelessness, it’s hard to look your best. And that can make it even harder to get back on your feet when you’re seeking employment or a place to live.

Now, according to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, a group of hairstylists in Iowa are doing their part to use their specific skills to give struggling people a boost by doing their hair and giving them one less thing to worry about.

The stylists donate their time and services to Shelter House, a nonprofit located in Iowa City, Iowa, that has as its motto: “More than a roof and a bed.” The volunteers recently gave 50 free haircuts at Shelter House over a two-day period.

One of the stylists, Molly Koch, told the Press-Citizen that her family had received help in the past and that it made her want to give back to the community. She said the cuts seem to help people, saying:

“One woman had a job interview coming up. She felt she was in a better position with a good haircut, and that made me feel good.”

Lindsay Parker, another stylist who volunteers giving haircuts, told the Press-Citizen that her own struggles with addiction and depression and knowing what it’s like to hit “rock bottom” help her relate to the people she’s styling, saying: “I was cutting a gentlemen’s hair and he was talking about how he didn’t want to go to work that day because he wanted to drink, so I shared my story with him in hopes that it brings encouragement and hope,”

According to Shelter House’s Development Director, Angelica Vannatta that’s exactly what the good Samaritan stylists and the service they provide does: Brings hope.

As she told the Press-Citizen, Shelter House helps people prepare for job interviews and organize their resumes and the haircuts the stylist provide is a welcome boost, saying:

“A good haircut is part of this in that it can promote confidence. Our clients really appreciate that.”

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