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UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Donates Over $10,000 To Help Baby With Rare Disorder

The mixed martial artist Conor McGregor is known for being a UFC champion and a feisty trash-talker, but apparently he also has a softer side.

This was evidenced when the Irish fighter recently donated 10,000 pounds Sterling, the equivalent of $12,846, to help a 1-year-old girl in Ireland get medical treatment.

According to the Mirror, the baby, whose name is Evie, has a rare genetic condition called microcephaly with pontine cerebellar hypoplasia that affects the brain and funds are being raised in a campaign called “Hope For Evie.”

McGregor donated a pair of signed boxing gloves to support the initiative at a fund-raiser. Those gloves raised over $500 with the fundraiser raising over $10,000 in total. But, according to boxing coach Bra Brady, the famous boxer then did one better, agreeing to match the entire $10,000 raised, with Brady saying:

“We got €500 for the gloves and being a bit cheeky I asked if he would match whatever we made and he said it was no problem.”

Thanks to the efforts of McGregor and others the girl’s parents have now raised over $100,000 which will be used to pay for treatment by a specialist in the U.S. this coming February.

Evie’s mother, Emma Nolan, was effusive in her thanks, telling the Mirror:

“It was not by any means a publicity stunt from McGregor as he did not even want to be mentioned, we can’t thank Conor enough for helping our little girl.”

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