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John Cena Donates $500,000 To Help California Firefighters

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Actor and former wrestler John Cena is playing a firefighter in his new film Playing With Fire, but he’s also helping put out fires behind the scenes by donating $500,000 to California firefighters struggling to control the wildfires.

“I’m asking that today on #FirstRespondersDay we do everything we can to help those who risk their lives to protect us all,” Cena wrote in a Twitter post with an accompanying video message.

“Right now, California is in dire straits,” he said. “It is burning. It is under siege from massive wildfires statewide.”

“And on behalf of ‘Playing With Fire’ and out of respect to the people who I truly believe are heroes, my response will be to immediately donate half a million dollars to this cause.”

In 2017, Congress designated October 28th as National First Responders Day to honor firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and others who are first on the scene of difficult situations. And with California suffering from a series of devastating wildfires, what better way to help the firefighters who are currently risking their lives to keep the fires under control?

There are currently 17 wildfires ongoing on California and over 94,000 acres have been burned. Many residents have been displaced, homes destroyed, and at least 16 schools have closed.

“In times like this, when people are giving their lives and working around the clock, what they need from us is resources,” said Cena. “This is the right thing to do and I’m doing my part to help the cause. I wish everyone the best of luck. Please stay safe.”

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